Business Network AM Sport and Career was Founded and established at 2017 in London, England by the Football Fifa agent Rafael Alves.

We started our journey offering branding services to companies and people and now after 5 years we are also specialised in managing the careers of young football talents and also professional players.

The impact Rafael Alves makes

in the international football market.

We know that standing out in such a competitive market is one of the biggest difficulties faced by athletes today to have a successful career.

He is the creator of the course that changed the lives of millions of young people and children, starring
player who used to play for Arsenal and is now at Corinthians: Willian Borges.

Rafael researched with many former players who didn’t work on the fields to understand where the mistakes were to reach the so dreamed place in the sun of being an internationally recognized athlete. He believes he has no way of knowing the successes, if not looking for where he didn’t work.

It took months of his incubating project, capturing information inherent to everything that involves the failure of a person who had to abandon his boots and go to work in a sub-job, as happens with 90% of boys who dreamed of being successful players one day.

Between scribbling, research, interviews and a lot of study with psychologists, nutritionists and high performance coaches he created the: success triad he seeks to develop: body, mind and behavior.

In one of his interviews for Globo, he says: “We have to demystify that football is just a gift, if you don’t have your mind set on principles outside the field, there is no success for a player”

Rafael Alves has more than 60,000 young people who receive weekly instructions applied by their own method.

He believes that this new generation needs to understand the importance of a focused diet for players who want to achieve above-average high performance, the value that sleep has for the functioning of the body’s physiological and psychological functions, the relevance of influences to around the youth that can both leverage and destroy in seconds causing a bad reputation for the athlete’s own career and the club itself.

Rafael Alves has a unique and visionary way of seeing that great players are made not only of talent, but of continuous work focused on: mind, body and behavior.

“We will be investing a lot in young talent through football academies around the world, so stay tuned.”
(Rafael Alves)

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